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On-Line Accessible Literature on the Theory of Organizing

COMM-ORG Papers, Readings and Archives Collection
Theory and practice of community organizing, movements and organizers (a whole lot! :)

COMM-ORG Syllabi Collection
A vast amount of reading lists from scholars and practitioners on community development, community infrastructure, community organizing, community organizing & education, community organizing & globalization, community-based rehabilitation & service learning, community organizing & social work, participation and planning, environment & food, social movements, urban issues, and others

COMM-ORG Action Research&Data
Community Intervention Strategies
Action Research, Participatory Evaluation, Popular Education, Community-Campus Partnerships, Researching Corporations, Action Data - Geographic Info Systems, Action Data - Databases

David Harvey Papers, lectures: leftist perspective and the city
Organizing for the Anti-Capitalist Transition -
Reading Marx's Capital -

Joshua Kahn Russell blog Articles Collection: Privilege, Power, Race, Environmental Justice & Climate Justice, Class, and Gender

Community Organisers Publications and Articles Collection

Organizing Toolbox

Shell Trapp: Basics of Organizing (book)
Nuts and bolts from the founding member of National People's Action

Joshua Kahn Russell Collection of Activists Tools
Non-violent Direct Action and Civil Disobedience, Tactical How-To, Strategy Tools, Facilitation, Organizing, Media, Outreach

Virginia Organizing Organizing Toolbox
Tips for writing effective letters to the editor, tips on talking with your legislator, how to organize a living wage campaign, tips on chairing a meeting, etc. 

Virginia Organizing Holding House Meetings

Rural Organizing Project Starting, Nurturing and Structuring a Group
Capacity Building, Growing, Leadership Teams, Database, Capacity Assessment, Democracy Grid, Living Room Conversations

Rural Organizing Project Building Welcoming Communities

Rural Organizing Project Living Room Conversations

The 99% Spring Media Toolkit
Good tips on how-to-use the media in general

Journal of New Organizing Webinars
Webinars on Organizing and Leadership, Voter Contact, Online Organizing, Campaign Management, Data Management, Voter Registration, from GOTV Center, from NGP VAN, Training for Trainers

The 99% Spring Campaign Toolkits for Occupy organizers
Toolkits on Banks and the Economy, Corporate Tax Dodging, Money in Politics, Right to Education
Media talking points

The 99% Spring Non-Violent Direct Action Planning Toolkit for Occupy organizers

Rural Organizing Project Resources for Small Town Occupations for Occupy organizers

On-Line Accessible Training Manuals and Training Tools

COMM-ORG Online Training Manuals Collection - Tons of webinars, handbooks, tips for activities

Training For Change Training Tools - Training tools & activities based on direct education approach, rooted in popular education

Southern Echo Pathways Out of Poverty
Structural causes of poverty, changing policies, strategic planning, building the organization

Southern Echo Dismantling the Achievement Gap: Education
A selection of studies and exercises on education for children at-risk

ECON Training Guide for involving young people
Training for involving young people in community organizing activities

The 99% Spring Full-Day Trainings Trainer's Notes & Presentation for Occupy organizers

The 99% Spring Half-Day Trainings Trainer's Notes & Presentation for Occupy organizers


COMM-ORG Bloggers Collection -
Homeless people and their allies organize for the right to housing

Periodicals, magazines

COMM-ORG Collection
AhoraNow, City Limits, GEO (Grassroots Economic Organizing) Newsletter, Journal of New Organizing, Making Waves Magazine, Shelterforce, Social Policy - The Magazine about Movements, ColorLines Magazine

Documentary Films, Videos, Audio, Music

Eyes on the Prize - America's Civil Rights Movement 1954-1985
Comprehensive history of the African American Civil Rights Movement. America's Civil Rights Years (Episode 1-6). America at the Crossroads (Episode 1-8).
Henry Hampton and Blackside, available on YouTube

Freedom Riders
Documentary about one of the non-violent direct actions of the African American Civil Rights Movement from 1961 which challenged the racial segregation of South in the U.S.
Stanley Nelson, Firelight Media and PBS, available on YouTube-on

Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement
Quest for a Homeland, The Struggle in the Fields, Taking Back the Schools, Fighting for Political Power (Episode 1-4, 1966-1972)
National Latino Communications Center and PBS, available on YouTube

Interview with Saul Alinsky! (1967)

COMM-ORG Collection
ClipArt, Music, Video, Media in Action (several links do not work in the video section)

Issue Organizing

Hungarian community-led groups, community development and capacity building projects:
Art, creating and the Roma - (Van Helyed Alapítvány, hétesi modellprogram)
Art, creating and the Roma - (Bódvalenke Freskófalu)
City, women, family - (Írisz Családi Kör)
Education, economic justice and the Roma - (Dzsaj Bhím Közösség, Sajókazai Asszonygyülekezet) - in English
Environment and health - (Civilek a Mecsekért Mozgalom)
Housing, homelessness, the city - (The City Is For All) - in English
Identity and the Roma - (Ide tartozunk! Népszámlálás 2011)
Legal aid, legal education and the Roma - (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) - in English
Media and the Roma - (Cicsero News Agency) - in English
Occupy and economic justice - (Occupy Blaha, Occupy Pécs)
Welfare work assignment and economic justice - (Magyar Szegénységellenes Hálózat)

American community organizations' thematic resources:
Coal, Water & Environmental Justice - (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth)
Economic Justice & Jobs Creation - (Center for Community Change & Alameda Corridor Jobs Coalition)
Economic Justice & Tax Justice - (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth)
Education Organizing - (COMM-ORG collection)
Farming & Environmental Justice - (Northern Plains Resource Council)
Food Organizing - (COMM-ORG collection)
Health Organizing - (COMM-ORG collection)
Homelessness & Housing - (Picture the Homeless)
Immigrants & Farmworkers - (PCUN Oregon's Farmworker Union)
Immigrant Fairness - (Rural Organizing Project)
Immigrant Organizing - (COMM-ORG collection)
New Energy & Transition - (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth)
Participatory Budgeting - (Community Voices Heard)
Youth Organizing - (COMM-ORG collection)

Groups and Networks

European Community Organizing Network (ECON)

Hungarian network of community organizers

Case studies and groups in Central and Eastern Europe and Germany
ECON Handbook on Citizen Participation

Locality - UK network for community-led organisations
& its affiliate
Community Organisers

COMM-ORG Community Organizing Groups & Networks Collection
All around the world -


International Human Rights Funders Group Funds Database
COMM-ORG Funds Collection

Joshua Kahn Russell Grassroots Fundraising How-To (Grassroots Fundraising section)

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